First sewing course project: Long-sleeved shirt

Our first project was to be a shirt sewn from a basic pattern where we needed to construct a simple collar (no separate collar stand) and cuffs. It was sewn from plain-woven cotton with serged rather than flat-felled seams. It was my first time using a serger, and since I’ve been looking for my perfect serger to use at home. I think I’ll end up with a Juki, but I want to test at least Babylock and Bernina before buying a machine for myself. The possibilities of serging are currently racing through my mind and I love it – inspiration flowing freely without me having to ask for it đŸ™‚

I chose somewhat big buttons for this project, and I’m thinking of dying the shirt blue when I get to take it home. Perhaps also adding some darts to take it in a bit – it’s quite boxy, but so comfortable.


In addition to this shirt we’ve had an express intro to the design process – two days filled with new info and the task of gathering inspiration – I was exhausted along with most of my class by the end of day two. We also had to do a flat drawing of our shirt – a task that sounded easy enough, but which ended up taking as much time as actually sewing the shirt.

Next course project will be pants: reconstructed – pattern drafted from an existing pair of pants. At long last I get to make a twin for my worn-out pair of gaucho pants – my all-time summer favourite.


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