Yet another teddy bear and an update on life in general

First of all: I’m sorry I’ve been absent for such a long time, and that my updates before this weren’t exactly numerous before summer either. This has been a crazy hectic year, and I don’t see it slowing down either, and both my sewing and blog suffers. The fabric shop has been doing well enough so far, and I’m looking forward to fall and winter with curious optimism.

Also, my grandma died at the same time I was taking over all the goods I bought from the old fabric shop. My husband hasn’t exactly had too much spare time either, as he has been crazy busy with his own projects, work, the fabric shop and picking up the pieces after gran wasn’t part of the world anymore. I will do a post on my grandma later on, I just haven’t managed to start writing it so far. Suffice to say – we were really close and I miss her.


Now – over to a post I started writing before any of this happened.

This little guy began his life at the lab where I was working before my big fabric shop project saw the light of day, one Saturday evening in November. I needed an addition to the bear I had previously made for Gran’s neighbor, as I learned there were two children and not one in the house.


He is made from a two-tone alpaca, which is a dream to work with and has a great feel to it.


When I delivered the bears just before Christmas, both children and adults appreciated my teddies.

Now I’m just happy I managed to make these guys in time.


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