Introducing my new sewing companion

Yesterday I bought my first serger. It’s actually a combo machine which also does coverstitching – a Juki MO-735. And I’m so so happy with my decision!

I read a lot about different serger brands over the last weeks and tried both the Juki and a Huskylock S25 from Husqvarna Viking. While I liked the longer arm on the Huskylock, the Juki was faster, quieter and came with a 10 year’s guaranty. The stitches were also superb – a big issue for me – the Huskylock with its computer chosen settings was only able to produce an uneven stitch when I tried it. I also found the best service in the store where I bought it: I had not previously bought anything other than notions from them, and still the owner took time (1.5 hours!) to teach me some of the basics on both overlock and coverstitch when I came inside looking for a serger. As an added bonus I got a discount on my machine as it had been a show model in the store window.

I took my Juki home yesterday and spent about 45 minutes figuring out how to thread it – I threaded the wrong looper first time around. After that I spent some time racing through some scraps of an acetate lining serging single and multiple layers – it’s so much fun and the stitches are beautiful to look at. In order to do some testing on tension and stitch length, I started out with two white and two black thread cones in order to see which thread needed tweaking. I also have a beige cone reserved for my coverstitch try-outs later on.



Welcome, friend.


Look at this beauty – I’m so happy everytime I see a great stitch, I love good craftmanship!


Today I had an appointment in the store to get an introduction to the overlock part of the machine – learn the basics in order to experiment successfully. I may be going back later to learn more about coverstitching after testing it out on my own first.

So far I can only recommend taking a look at Juki’s serger models. The brand is one of the oldest to produce sergers for home sewists and in fact produces all the Bernina sergers and most of the parts for the other big brands (at least the high-end machines). Juki also uses parts from their industrial machines in the home machines, and like I mentioned above, the machine is quiet, sits in place on the table (due to 4 large suction pads in addition too its weight and balance) and is a dream to sew on. When I understood which looper I should thread this too was very easy – what with the colour chart and colour marked machine parts. I can’t wait to give this machine a proper run for its money – I have (as always) multiple projects planned, in addition to a big blue Ikea bag filled with leftover scraps of fabric to to some serious testing on.



My new Juki beside my beloved Pfaff Select 3.0.



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4 responses to “Introducing my new sewing companion

  1. Oh awesome! I have a Juki serger and a Pfaff sewing machine too! Love them! I have to admit, I’m a bit jealous of your coverstitch ability!

    • Thank you! I love my Pfaff and I think I’ll love the Juki as well – cool that you have the same brand combination 🙂 I look forward to test the coverstitch myself.

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