An update on my fabric shop project

It’s been crazy busy these last weeks. The entire shop has been expertly painted and the floors are professionally cleaned. I’ve bought new shelfs, I’ve been gifted some beautiful pieces of used furniture from another shop that’s been redecorating. I’ve moved all the items around a dozen times, give or take. The electricians have worked their magic, and there was light once more. The shop opened Tuesday March 31, and after the big opening sale was done, things have calmed down somewhat. This may  be a result of the great weather we’ve been having lately, and I was expecting to experience a spring/summer decline in shoppers. Still, the first weeks of having an open fabric shop have been very rewarding, and I love all the sewing related discussions I get to have with my customers 🙂 Now I have to find ways to bring new customers in, order any notions currently out of stock in the shop and make plans for the future. There is so much I want to do, and patience not being one of my virtues, it’s a little hard to focus and not start doing everything at once. I really hope this shop will become all I want it to be! Now some pictures to show how the shop’s progressed toward possible-to-open-material. And soome pics of my lovely selection of fabrics and haberdashery. Enjoy 🙂

The shop:

tn_12dag5 tn_13dag1 tn_15dag3 tn_16dag4 tn_17dag1 tn_17dag5 tn_19dag1 tn_19dag2 tn_22dag1 tn_23dag5 tn_24dag1 tn_24dag2 tn_29dag1 tn_31dag2 tn_34dag1 tn_34dag3 tn_36dag4 tn_36dag9 tn_38dag1 tn_38dag2 tn_38dag3 tn_38dag4 The fabrics: tn_40dag1 tn_36dag7 tn_33dag1 tn_32dag3 tn_32dag2 tn_30dag3 tn_26dag2 tn_26dag3 tn_24dag9 tn_24dag5 tn_22dag3 tn_23dag1 tn_23dag4 tn_19dag6 tn_20dag1 tn_21dag2 tn_17dag10 tn_15dag2 tn_13dag4 tn_13dag2 The notions: tn_40dag2 tn_36dag8 tn_33dag3 tn_33dag2 tn_28dag1 tn_27dag2 tn_27dag1 tn_26dag1 tn_24dag8 tn_24dag6 tn_24dag4 tn_23dag3 tn_23dag2 tn_22dag2 tn_20dag2 tn_19dag7 tn_17dag9 tn_16dag1 tn_15dag1 tn_13dag5 tn_13dag3 Have a sewspiring week everyone!


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