Back to school

My one year sewing course (Fagutdanning i søm og design) started last week.

So far I just love it! My class consists of people of all ages and backgrounds and we all share a passion for sewing. Some of us have sewn a lot over the years while some have little experience with garment construction. Add two inspiring teachers and two rooms of sewing machines, pressing tables and other equipments, and it’s looking like the school room I always missed while studying science.

These first couple of weeks have consisted of a shirt where we had to draft the collar ourselves, an introduction to various fabrics and an introduction to technical drawing (“flats”).

Next project will be a pair of pants reconstructed from an existing pair. Skirts, dresses and outerwear will be covered in addition to what I’ve heard is quite a lot of drawing both for design and construction purposes. We’ll also get lessons on how to be inspired to do new designs. I think this year will be a great one 😀

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