Look at all my pretty fabrics and notions!

The cleaning and organizing continues, and by the end of the week, this was the result:

11dag4 11dag5 11dag6

To see all the inbetweens since last update, check out the posts at Sysprasjon.

Now to the lovely fabrics I’ve discovered in the past week:

Check out this pearl embroidered silk chiffon…

tn_6dag3 tn_6dag5

…this photo printed polyester chiffon with German phrases…


…the polyester lace with pearls…


…the black viscose with purple polka-dots…


…fabric to make your own golden bikini


…the fur of Labbetuss (Norwegian kiddie-TV-hero)…


…and this lovely viscose chiffon with crystals and velvet print:


I even started doing a notion of the day series:

A belt buckle…

tn_9dag10 tn_9dag12

…rainbow-colored ric-rac…


…multi-colored hooks (the eyes seem to have been misplaced)…


… and a jacket zipper with stripes:


This is both exiting and exhausting, and I’m really looking forward to open shop!

Have a great week!



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2 responses to “Look at all my pretty fabrics and notions!

  1. Toni Ross

    Hello Kristin,
    Looking at your material I was happy to find the red plaid pleated fabric. I would like to know if you ship to florida and what would be the price per yard. I am very excited to find this and want to know if you carry the line. We belong to the Ross Clan and need the celtic patterns if you have them. Thank you,

    • Hello Toni, and thank you for your interest.
      I could ship to Florida, but I will have to check how expensive the shipping is. My price is 20 $/meter, but there’s a discount if you buy what’s left on the fabric roll. This is the red plaid pleated jersey, right? I also have a blue pleated woven plaid (I’ll send pics to your email address).
      All my fabrics at the moment are what’s left of the goods I bought from a shop that was closing, and I doubt I can find more of these fabrics as I think the manufacturer is out of business.
      Kristin Cecilia.

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