Dude, I’m starting a fabric shop!

I guess the title says it, but I also have pictures to share 🙂

The day after I quit my job, I walked into an old fabric shop with a sign outside stating that they was going out of business. I asked the owner, who is about eighty years old, if it was true, that the shop was closing. He told me he didn’t have the energy to keep at it anymore, but that I was welcome to give it a go myself. You can imagine the though carousel going around in my head all through new years? After talking a bit more with him and agreeing on the price for all the fabrics and notions he still had in the shop come February, I started my own company. Syspirasjon (that’s Norwegian for sewspiration) was founded by myself, my hubby and my father, who wanted in as a silent partner on January 19. Check out the website (it’s in Norwegian, but I’m updating every day I’m at the shop with pictures).

Currently I’m sorting through kilometers of fabrics (that’s no overstatement, I promise – the shop is full of fabrics), cleaning up a bit and planning to redecorate the facilities, which I suspect have remained the same for decades. It’s a lot to do, but I think it’ll be great when I’m ready to open my shop 🙂

You want pictures? Have a look at my last week:

Day 1, Monday: 

tn_1dag10 tn_1dag9 tn_1dag8 tn_1dag7 tn_1dag3 tn_1dag2

Day 2, Tuesday: We had stared sorting through some of the fabrics

tn_Etter 2 dager

Day 3, Wednesday: The day began with a table collapsing. This actually turned out as a blessing in disguise, as we cleared much needed floor space.




Semisorted fabrics


My selection of knits so far – more to come

Day 4, Thursday: I’m introducing the fabric of the day

I’ve found a selection of plisse fabrics while sorting through the shop. I’ve got plisse jersey, both solid, plaid and velour

tn_4dag1 tn_4dag3


Can you believe such a fabric exists?


Day 5, Saturday: We took apart a homemade piece of furniture consisting of eight sections with twelve drawers each to make room for redecoration of the place. Also: Fabric of the day is a lovely pure wool damask.


Before (look at all the lovely zippers!)




Isn’t this just beautiful?

I’ll try to update this blog once a week just to show you the shop. And after the opening in March, please visit me in Sandvika (15 minutes west of Oslo) if you’re in the area 🙂


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2 responses to “Dude, I’m starting a fabric shop!

  1. I’m so jealous! I would die to own a fabric shop of my own. Only problem is I live in a small town and most likely couldn’t get the business needed.. :/

    • I get where you’re coming from – I could never have done this in my hometown either. As it is, the Capital seperates my home from my shop, luckily we have trains. I hope you’ll get your shop one day too, and that mine will survive 🙂

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