(Teddy)Bear with me

Forgive me Internet, for I have not blogged. What I’ve been doing you ask?
Last time I was job hunting, and I started working at the laboratory in a private medical facility on September 1st – I got a job!

Apart from job hunting I finally started making the four teddy bears needed this fall. One was for a friend who turned 30 in late August, one is for another friend’s newborn daughter, one is for the newborn son of yet another friend and one is a gift from my grandmother to her neighbor’s daughter.

After I started to work full-time, I had neither time nor energy to keep sewing, and I’ve missed it tremendously. Luckily I’ve made a deal at work that I cut back to 70 % starting this December, and hopefully I’ll get to do some sewing again then 😀

As I started laying out the fabrics for the bears, I realized that these bears would have to be made from scraps as I have not updated my teddy stash on fabrics for the bigger bears. I had enough of one fabric for one bear made from the pattern I posted here. Then there were the other to biggies, which turned out fine as two-coloured bears. I managed to make the 30th birthday gift from a scrap of string mohair which is a great fabric to work with, and this little fellow is a fluffy one 🙂

This little bear is made from string mohair which is basically untreated mohair with a nap. This fabric can be dyed, the hair can be cut or curled – it’s a clean slate fresh off the loom. And it’s such a delight to work with! Though the nap on this one is fairly long, and I’ve made 30 cm bears from it in the past, it was surprisingly suitable for a 17 cm bear as well. I had this pale yellow plush which I used to make the little paws, and I was delighted to find embroidery yarn in the same hue to embroider the nose and mouth. I made a little necklace from fresh water and wax pearls as I found this to suit this little bear better than a bow tie.

tn_P1040578red tn_P1040573red

tn_P1040584red tn_P1040580

I promise to do a post on the three bigger bears (sans Goldilocks) in the not-so-distant future.



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