Fall jacket

I’m in terrible need of some new clothes to go in my wardrobe after giving most of the things I had away due to them being to small/worn/old – all reasons that I didn’t wear them any more. The logical thing to do mid-summer was therefore to make a fall jacket, what with the weather not being warm and summery (Norway sported warmer water temperatures than the air temperatures in Spain this summer …). 

Perhaps the sleeves are a bit long, but that’s way better than too short IMO.

tn_Front tn_Side tn_Back

I didn’t get to wear the jacket except for the morning we woke up in a freezing hotel room with a hyperactive A/C (we got a new room which was a lot nicer to stay in for the rest of our stay). So at least I needed it on my summer vacation 🙂

I fell in love with this pattern (my teacher The Great Saviour of Jackets designed it) when most of my class mates (the ones who didn’t opt to make the tailored suit jacket) made this in time for Easter. It’s such a versatile pattern and so comfortable to wear. I’m already planning a winter version from the same pattern. I added inner pockets to the lining and the upper breast pockets concealed in the seam under the flap.

tn_P1040544 tn_P1040545 tn_P1040546


The shell fabric is cotton bough in the home dec department and the lining is viscose satin. I love the bright colours and have my fingers crossed for some fall days without rain where I get to wear this beauty. 


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