Long overdue post on finished projects

I finished these items in time for our evening on the runway back when my sewing course ended in June. The runway show can be seen here for those who want to catch a glimpse of all the wonderful garments my classmates made during the past year.

First out is the skirt I designed back in 2013. I love how this one turned out, and I learned so much from this project. However we had some troubles with the fit, and that’s part of the long time it took to finish this one. The other parts were all the projects and assignments that simply had to be finished before I had time for finishing the skirt. I look forward to wearing when the weather cools down – the shell is pure wool (and so soft and drapey you wouldn’t believe it) and the lining is viscose with some polyester in the mix for stability. This skirt is warm!


Recognise the blouse? This Sorbetto has yet to have its tale told – all in good time.


The second piece is my pride – a real tailored jacket made from scratch, pattern and all. This baby conceals a ton of errors – so much went askew with the pattern and the handwork wasn’t my best at times. But I finished it and it fits so well – I love that I now have a pigeon-blue fancy jacket to keep me worm. And my teacher will henceforth be known as The Great Saviour of Jackets. She is a gem and somewhat a magician for making this garment turn out so well despite all my wrong turns. Needless to say, I really learned a lot from the making of this one. I’m so happy I waited and didn’t try to make a tailored jacket on my own (I’ve been collecting patterns…) – it would have been awful to make all these mistakes without some guidance along the way. And now I’m confident that I’ll make things work in the future whether I make mistakes or not – which is a super nifty quality to have acquired 😀

tn_Jacket_fronttn_Jacket_side tn_Jacket_back

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