Sewing course completed

It really happened. I completed my sewing course a little more than a week ago. We did our fashion show. I walked the runway twice. I had so much fun doing it – what an adrenaline rush! This year has been possibly my best year yet, and I am so happy and grateful for doing it. And now it’s over. My main teacher is quitting her job to move to another part of the country, and I think myself and my class were super-lucky to be a part of her last year at Folkeuniversitetet! (I’m already planning to haunt next year’s fashion show just to see what my other teacher and her new colleague are doing).

I didn’t make a big collection of clothes this year, but every single piece I made taught me so many things about sewing and clothing construction that I never knew. I think I’ve got a great set-out point for developing my sewing skills further now, and I look forward to see where it will take me 🙂 Plus, I got to dabble in design, which was fun, though exhausting.


By booth at the exhibit after the show

Meanwhile, I really miss my classmates, school life, having something to leave the house to do every day. Plus, I have to eat and pay my rent. I’m officially unemployed again, and hopefully it will be better this time around. Now I have so much energy that I didn’t have two years ago (yay!!), and I know more about my own limits and how to keep on building that energy and using it in a positive way – I look forward to find a job, meet new people, going places. I’m still not completely sure of what I want to do with my life, but that’s just a tiny, insignificant detail, isn’t it?


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