First project on my new Janome

After playing around with decorative stitches on some scrap fabric, I decided to take my Janome MC6300 Pro for a spin around a real project. I opted for a new dress, using some leftover Tilda fabric that I’ve previously made into a skirt. I’ve longed for another Princess dress since I made my grey dress a year and a half ago – I’ve practically lived in that dress through the last two winters – so my pattern choice was easy this time.

tn_P1030962red tn_P1030964red

I measured my pattern pieces and added a bit to the circumference as this seemed to be needed. When trying on the dress, turns out it wasn’t – in fact I needed to take away a bit more than added. Still it feels slightly big without me being able to pinpoint exactly where I need to take a chunk out of it without distorting the fit completely, so I decided to leave it at that – it’s comfy and looks good enough for me to wear it at school (the ultimate test with all the trained eyes of the sewist and seamstress there).

The sleeves were altered to make somewhat longish capped sleeves.

When I looked through my zipper stash, I couldn’t find a matching zipper that was long enough, and I opted for added creativity in the back, inspired by Gertie’s “Home Sewing is Easy” dress (she has a tutorial on the back detail here, I think I made my back in a similar fashion). I’ll definitey do this again, I love the cute V-neck collar and buttons in the back! Plus I got to use supplies from my stash rather than making a trip to the capital only to buy a new zipper 🙂


I’m still in love with my new sewing machine, and I find myself petting it fondly when we’re in the same room. It’s just what I needed: A stable work horse that makes sewing my own clothes a dream. I can’t wait to see what we’ll make together next 😀


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2 responses to “First project on my new Janome

  1. That’s a lovely dress, well done. I started cutting out the pieces to my first ever sewn dress last night. I’m hoping that it all goes as well as yours!

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