Life signs

I’ve been laying low for the past weeks and finally acknowledged a visit from my old friend the burnout fatigue. After almost a week cooped up at home I’m feeling better and rejoined my sewing class on Monday when we started three weeks on jackets and coats before Easter. Just thought I’d share a small recap of what’s been going on in my course since last time.

When I got back to school after my London days were over, we continued on with an assignment on different types of sleeves. Basically we should make a collection of garments with sleeves, but no set-in sleeves. Bat-wings, raglan, kimono and their relatives were to be conquered! We were also to explore the lovely world of knitted fabrics such as jerseys and interlocks. As inspiration we were to use either a taste or a tactile sensation and we should create our designs with a target group of our choice in mind. The collections should comprise at least five garments and at least one of these garment should be sewn up in fabric. Not once, but three times, that is: A trial to test the pattern (muslin), a corrected prototype and a garment based on the prototype and its pattern sewn by someone else in our class.

I chose the sensation of scratching my lovely lovebird Panchito’s neck as my inspiration and my target group were people suffering from skin allergies or eczema who still wanted some tightness to their garments. I wanted a sleeve design without seams on top of the shoulder and under-arm seams, as especially the latter has been known to cause some distress among my target group according to the internet. I made a decision to place all seams on the outside of my top/sweater in order to avoid them scratching the tender skin of my target group. I bought GOTS100 certified cotton jersey/rib stretch in fairly soft colours and prewashed it prior to sewing.

As I didn’t finish this assignment and didn’t present it in class either, I thought it could be good to do a small presentation of my process here.

My inspiration: Isn’t (s)he cute?


Some sketches I did…

tn_Sammembygd erme_13 tn_Sammembygd erme_18 tn_Sammembygd erme_24

tn_Sammembygd erme_26 tn_Sammembygd erme_44

My trial/muslin

tn_2014-03-10 14.28.43

tn_2014-03-10 14.28.16 tn_2014-03-10 14.27.23

And that’s about how far I got before I just wasn’t able to do anything much. I altered the pattern and cut the parts for my prototype and started stitching them together. Hopefully I’ll get to finish it soon.

tn_2014-03-14 14.51.50

What do you think?


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