London, I heart you

I didn’t know how much I’d missed this city until we got there, but my love affair with London was soon rekindled, and now I miss this huge, noisy place where you can find almost anything and the people working in shops, restaurants and underground stations are polite and service minded, kind even. I’ve made myself a promise to return before six more years pass (the time since my last visit in 2008), and I’d love to explore more of Britain as well, and possibly return to Bournemouth, where I spent three weeks in a summer course back in 2002.

Our four days in the Capital went by like whirlwind – we went by St. Paul’s Cathedral, Big Ben (Elizabeth Tower) and the Parliament, Westminster Abbey, Buckingham Palace, Hyde Park, 221B Baker Street (the line of people waiting on the street to get into the apartment wasn’t there in 2008), Regent’s Park, London Bridge, Victoria and Albert Museum (the fashion exhibition is amazing!), the markets in Camden and Covent Garden, Waterstone’s at Piccadilly and of course the shopping Mecca that is Oxford street and the surrounding area.

I ended up foregoing some of my planned fabric shopping – we simply didn’t have either the time or the energy to go anywhere else than MacCulloch & Wallis and Liberty in the end. MacCulloh and Wallis has an amazing online store, but I actually found the shop on Dering Street a bit uninspiring to be honest. Liberty on the other hand was a candy shop full of bright-patterned light-weight cottons. I ended up with four metres in total – two for me and two for my travel-buddy Andrea. Her late birthday present will be a blouse from the green print, whereas I’ll make myself a blouse from the orange-and-pink roses.


My friends daughter turned seven in January and wanted a sewing kit for her birthday. Guess what? They had this adorable sewing kit at Liberty’s! Hopefully she’ll be a happy sewist 🙂

tn_P1030862 tn_P1030863

I loved the architecture of the old post-and-beam building that houses Liberty:

tn_P1030769 tn_P1030765


The Liberty bags were a nice accessory to my coat.

At the Victoria and Albert Museum I ended up buying £20 worth of zippers, as I found these cute laser cut zippers which I think will look super cute as part of a neckline (or four in my case). I also bought their fashion exhibit book to have as inspiration – I clearly didn’t get enough books earlier this month. Of course I’ll likely find most of the pictures in the wonderful VAM archives online, but that would require me being able to remember a search phrase – I love having easy access to the pictures and the information from the exhibit between covers.

tn_P1030865 tn_P1030869 tn_P1030870


The beautiful arch above the entrance to the Victoria and Albert Museum reads: “The excellence of every art must consist in the complete accomplishment of its purpose”.

Next time I’ll plan for more time at the Victoria and Albert, what I got to see this time definitely leaves me wanting. I’ll definitely see some of the fabric shops I’ve only read about too, and perhaps bring a bigger bag 🙂 And although expensive (especially compared to online prices at other retailers), Liberty definitely demands a revisit in the future, if not for the fabrics alone, then definitely for all the notions made from Liberty fabrics. And London itself is just waiting for me to return, I can feel it (or is it just me wanting to return I feel?). It was a lovely holiday, and it was wonderful to experience spring in February – in Norway we still have a couple of snowy months coming.


Spring – flowers, water, squirrel – can you wish for more?


Isn’t this little guy from Regent’s Park cute as he smells the flowers?



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