Birthday gifts and London

So I turned 30 this week, and got no less than ten books about sewing and design from my family and the in-laws:tn_2014-02-15 12.10.23

I guess I have my reading cut out for me, and the images in theses books are pure eye-candy πŸ™‚

My sweet hubby and the lovebirds were kind enough to give me a big chunk of the funds needed to by a professional pressing table with vacuum and a steam pressing iron. Can’t wait to get my cupboards mounted on the wall in order to make space for said pressing station πŸ™‚

Tomorrow I’m off to London for a much needed break, I think it’ll do me good not having a sewing machine and multiple projects in close proximity for a couple of days. Of course I’ll likely do some fabric shopping while I’m there, and I’ve planned a trip toΒ The Victoria and Albert Museum. I also remember the selection of crafts books (like I need more of those at the moment) at Waterstone’s as a great one. Otherwise I look forward to relaxing and do some sightseeing with one of my closest friends and do a belated celebration of our birthdays (hers was Christmas Eve).

I wish everyone a happy weekend and a great week to come!



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2 responses to “Birthday gifts and London

  1. Happy Birthday! Enjoy fabric shopping in London!

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