Finished scarab dress


Well, almost anyway. I hadn’t enough time to line it (though I did make a lining this time). This was a great project to work with – I sewed for five days straight last week and enjoyed it all the way through! Though exhausting, it’s so rewarding to make something so beautiful, do something new and work with new fabrics (raw silk was a first for me – it was a wonderful experience!). I didn’t manage to blog about it earlier because of the poster-part of the project, but that’s finished as of last night.

Anywho – I left off with a partly assembled front and back last time, and I’m proud to present my finished dress:

tn_P1030682 tn_P1030680

Isn’t it a beauty? I’m just so happy about how this one turned out!

Close-ups of the folds and how the organza flows through the dress:

tn_2014-02-10 09.10.07 tn_2014-02-10 09.10.25

The two folds in the front are secured by stitching in a piece of organza between their seam allowances on the inside (a genius idea of my teacher’s):

tn_2014-02-08 13.54.48tn_P1030675

The back fold is slip-stitched in place the same way I did the hem. This is one of the minor peeves I have with this dress – if I had the time and energy, I would definitely rip these stitches out and do them over, perhaps even make the front a little less skewed along my organza. Stitch and learn, I guess. The arm holes are a little on the big side, but not so big as to be a bother. All in all the dress looks fantastic, just as I envisioned it, and with hair up and good shoes it’s party-ready 🙂

And my interpretation of this as a “scarab” dress: The ancient Egyptians saw the scarab as a sun god, rolling the sun across the sky – hence my fiery organza. The beetle itself is black like my raw silk, it has iridescent wings and digs tunnels – again not unlike my iridescent organza that weaves its way across my dress.

We also had to do a figurine as part of the project, and in my search after a suitable figurine, I came across this blog and used the wonderful Leila as my template. I found a suitable venue for her and dressed her up for a night out:


And if you’re not fed up already – here are some more pics of the dress:

tn_P1030678 tn_P1030679 tn_P1030681

And my beautiful peaches-and-cream lining (love the colour!):


I hope you find this just as inspiring as I do 🙂


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2 responses to “Finished scarab dress

  1. I just found your blog. This dress looks really cool! I like the fabric and colour contrasts!

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