Progress report: Scarab dress

I needed more time than anticipated to get the collar right, but I think it turned out great. The organza is meant to come out of a slit where the pins are at the bottom. This project is time consuming, certainly not easy, but so much fun to work with! Next I’ll assemble the rest of the dress, including a draped organza coming out of a fold where the pins are placed at the bottom of the front shown below. This will go around and end in another fold in the back skirt of the dress.

tn_2014-02-05 17.10.47

As a bonus, I wanted to show the silk organza in front of a mirror – here both the fuchsia and orange are present! (This is what our sewing room looks like at school btw.)

tn_2014-02-05 11.39.26


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2 responses to “Progress report: Scarab dress

  1. Lovely silk organza! Your dress is taking shape.

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