Update on my dress and an old WIP

I finished my dress pattern today and bought fabric. Pictures will come, as my fabric now resides in my school locker while I’m at home. I decided on a black raw silk with a peach coloured silk lining for the dress and a bright 2-coloured silk organza in orange and fuchsia for my collar and draping. It’s gonna be a party-LBD! The dress will be about knee-length and have a pegged silhouette.

I draped a collar using thing pattern paper last week. The upper collar will be more voluminous than the lower one, which I started with. Below are some photos of the process.

2014-01-31 10.25.11

I started with just a strip of paper, which was pinned to my neckline. The outer edge was then increased using the slash-and spread-method while still on the mannequin.

2014-01-31 11.26.52

The collar outlines, crucial fastening points and fold line was drawn before I removed it from my mannequin. Luckily, it turned out quite flat!

2014-01-31 12.47.02

This is the finished pattern for the lower collar. See how the collar starts out from the neckline and ends in the fold?

I really look forward to cutting out my pieces and start sewing this dress tomorrow!

Now something from home: I recently started working on my coat project from last winter. I started this at a time when I mostly had to rest and the coat never even made it to the fashion fabric before summer arrived and I needed summer dresses… Guess what? It’s cold again, and I still don’t have a proper winter coat. The project is back on, though made two sizes bigger (all that bed rest last year came with the advantage of accumulating extra body mass). I measured the pattern and found that it looked good as it was. The skirt was modified from last years half circle to an a-line based on the coat pattern (I just closed the darts and straightened out the hips). I also constructed a shawl collar after spending some time pondering how to do this. I basted the bodice together and tried it on, found that I liked it and ripped out the seams. Then I added reflective piping (I still think both biking helmets and retro-reflectors should be “cool” and incorporated in daily fashion) to the princess seams. I’ve cut out my coat from the fashion fabric and will proceed to sew it together an cutting out my lining and interlining. 2014 is definitely coat-worthy.

2014-02-03 19.33.09

Coat front …

2014-02-03 19.33.21

… and back

What do you think?


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