New assignment: Dresses based on an insect or a reptile

Today I finished fitting my bodice block and drafted the final pattern – I love having at least one template that I know fits me well!

Now our new assignment is to design a mini collection of dresses – basic, trend and showpiece. We only get to actually make one of them, but all three should be presented on figurines. Our inspiration has to come from an insect or reptile of our choice and all fabrics must be stretch-free wovens. All in all a fun project, I think, although I find the lack of limitations in design somewhat overwhelming: A dress is a bodice, a neckline, a skirt, sleeves, collars, style lines, notions and choice of fabrics – I tend to loose track of at least one of them at any given time!

And my choice of inspiration? This little guy, who was considered a deity in ancient Egypt, namely the Scarabeus sacer, the holy scarab.


Cute little guy, isn’t he? I’ve always been fascinated by scarabs, and when I was about 10 years old, I started to wear a turquoise scarab amulet on a chain around my neck. I went through at least two of these during the following years, but when I first saw The Mummy, I think I decided I’d outgrown wearing bugs around my neck. Those were some seriously scary scarabs!

Now I just have to draw multiple dress sketches based on the black beetle above and his family (they’re a colourful gang spanning 30.000 species). Perhaps I’ll include something from his dung-ball rolling hobby as well. I’m excited to see how these designs turn out!


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