Shopping bags again

I was invited to the disputation where the phD candidate I worked with on my master’s project defended her thesis. It was great to see her finish her degree, and I wanted to give her something to remind her of the work we shared. I still have all my phase contrast microscope photos of the bacterial spores we worked on (Bacillus licheniformis), and I decided to do a simple shopping bag with inkjet cotton prints on each side. I selected pictures of bacterial sporulation for one side and spore germination for the other.

Sporulating bacteriatn_P1030531

Germinating sporestn_P1030530

Both pictures were bound with bias tape prior to stitching them in place on the shopping bag and assembling this.

tn_P1030529 tn_P1030528

I think she liked her gift, as she had a good laugh when she realised what were in the pictures on the bag 🙂

This project was a way for me to integrate my past with my present, which I liked. As for the future – who can tell?


I also made shopping bags with inkjet cotton prints as prizes for our 2013 Donald Duck advent quiz. (You might remember the Christmas stockings from the 2012 competition).

tn_P1030606red tn_P1030615 tn_P1030618red

Here I used half-pages from stories made by the old master, Carl Barks. The stories I chose were all part of our quiz, which focused on geography in the Duck-universe – Back to the Klondike, Maharaja Donald, The Menehune Mystery and Lost in the Andes!. Hopefully our winners will enjoy their shopping bags 🙂


Oh, and I made a plain shopping bag from scraps that were left when I’d finished cutting the fabric for the other bags. Lovely to have at least one shopping bag that’s not worn out again!



I felt a bit like I had set up a sweat-shop in my sewing room when I made these bags, for some reason (yeah, I know – I did this of my own will and were free to take as many breaks as I liked, it’s not really comparable to a real sweat-shop in any way). Not the most challenging project I’ve worked on, but it was nice to see the bags come together, and I dare say I’m getting better at binding corners with bias tape, which I think is great! Sew to speak has made a lovely tutorial complete with pictures on how to sew bias tape around corners if anyone wonders about how this is done.


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