Pattern construction and clothing design

Last week my first design project was due. Although  exhausting, the design process is definitely interesting. While brainstorming for inspiration, I went from handicrafts via stereotypical gender roles and ended up with designing shirts and pants based on Donald Duck 🙂 As I didn’t have the time to sew any of these, they’re currently only illustrations on a board (though I really like the end products – maybe I’ll make one of them someday in the future). The feedback from my teacher was mainly positive, though I have to change some things for my next presentation – I didn’t fully grasp the concept of a mood board, and some size-wise changes of the different parts relative to one another would make a better poster. I also need to ask more questions during the process, which I hope I’ll be able to do after defining a starting point or base line for myself with this first presentation. Mainly, I think it all boils down to practice and getting more design projects reviewed. Hopefully by the end of next semester I’ll see some progress. If the design process is anything like learning to sew clothes, I know I’m in for a ride – there’s a world of difference between the clothes I make today compared to the first garments I made only a few years ago, when I started sewing clothes for real. I think it’ll definitely help being in the environment of my class as they’re all super excited to learn designing, construction and sewing as well (compared to the less-than-excited mother who didn’t do a thing to contradict me when I told her I could only make teddy bears as those were so much easier to make than clothes – guess what: they’re really not, depending on which garment you choose to make).


My first design project is called “Ducks and silk”, which describes my inspiration and choice of fabrics.


Next up we’ve finally started pattern construction, which is what drew me to this course to begin with. The last week and a half was spent making our own basic skirt block and doing various pattern alterations on quarter-size basic skirt blocks. So much information to take in, but it’s so fun! I love the fact that I’m getting nearer to my goal of making my own clothes all the way – not using other people’s patterns. The experience of creating my own designs  is very liberating, if what I remember from designing and making teddy bears is correct 😀


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