Barbie’s new wardrobe

As my friend’s daughter turned six last week, I decided to make some new clothes for her Barbie dolls. I used patterns from Evelyn Sjøvold’s Klær til Barbie (Clothes for Barbie) and some of the scraps from my wedding dress and coat.

It was fun to make these garments, but it’s so much easier to make something for a real-sized human instead of a skinny little doll. However, all seams could be sewn on the sewing machine with help of not a few bits of tissue paper to stabilize the fabric while sewing.

What really struck me, was how much fun it was to make multiple garments from the same fabrics, which then could be mixed and matched – I’m beginning to realize the thrill I suspect designers must feel when they see their entire collection walking on the runway.

tn_P1010882 tn_P1010880 tn_P1010879

IMAG3996 IMAG3992 IMAG3988

The photos featuring Barbie dolls are taken by Nathalie C.

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