Christmas presents

Apart from the Christmas stockings I made for an online competition and the classic teddy bear for my friend’s son, I’ve made some gifts for my friends, as well as a felted terrier for the big sister, whose brother gets the bear, and a felted bee for another friend’s daughter.


Christmas stockings – a great way to use fabric scraps:



Another reversible purse: I love both fabrics and the contrast between them. The printed cotton is from Ikea, and this side of the purse features a welted pocket. The polyester brocade features a zipper pocket. The purse, as well as the stockings above was filled with homemade sweets.

tn_P1010847 tn_P1010846 tn_P1010845 tn_P1010843


Felted terrier, I think (s)he looks a bit like Tintin’s dog.

tn_P1010860 tn_P1010861 tn_P1010866 tn_P1010862


A little bee with a safety pin attached to the belly in order to serve as a brooch. It comes with a giant felted flower (sure, a flower and a bee is a great gift for a soon to be six year old girl – right?)

tn_P1010868 tn_P1010867 tn_P1010869


That’s it for 2012, I hope 2013 brings lots of new projects to work on!

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