Wrapping up 2012

Christmas is over and 2013 will begin in just a couple of days.

This year I have made several clothing items for myself and a couple of home/deco items and children’s toys. My favourite project was without doubt my beautiful orange wedding dress and the coat and purse that went with it. Through this project alone I learned so many new sewing techniques, and it was my first severely altered pattern to work with (I went from a bodice to a full dress with a new neckline all the way around). Apart from my wedding dress I’ve also managed to make some progress towards the wardrobe I want.

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P1010381 Felted pandatn_P1010829P1010735P1010755

Next year I want to continue learning new techniques and master the ones I’ve worked with so far. I want to make a winter coat before the winter leaves Norway, and otherwise expand my wardrobe. I’ve also promised my husband a new shirt (that’ll be a first – I’m really excited to try new techniques!). I want to change some of my clothes for a better fit and upcycle others – I really like the idea of keeping some of my old favourites by giving them new life in another garment or accessory.

In an on-line advent calendar I’ve won a gift certificate at a school, which can be used to pay a part of the course fee. I’m thinking I get to attend one of their many interesting sewing courses this spring. I also got three new sewing books for Christmas: The BurdaStyle Sewing Handbook, BurdaStyle Sewing Vintage Modern and Gertie’s New Book for Better Sewing. I’ve read through all the books (not the sewing descriptions), and I’ve really enjoyed the fresh inspiration! Especially the BurdaStyle Sewing Handbook was a pleasant surprise in that the whole book was a description on how to alter patterns and make new items with your own touch of style. What’s great about both of the BurdaStyle books, is that the accompanying patterns are all copy right-free, in fact they encourage you to do with them as you like, as long as it doesn’t imply distributing their actual patterns for sale. Gertie is as always a fun read, and offers tons of her experience from teaching herself to sew clothes by going through Vogue’s New Book for Better Sewing. It’s very inspirational to see how far she has come in just a couple of years!

This fall I also signed up for some Craftsy-courses, and I’m looking forward to start sewing! I’ve watched through Meg McElwee’s Sewing with Knits, and I’ve begun watching Susan Khalje’s The Coture Dress and Pam Howard’s The Classic Tailored Shirt. I haven’t started watching Gertie Hirsch’s The Starlet Suit Jacket yet, but I’m getting there.

As a minimum goal I want to finish at least one garment each month next year. and I want to learn the basics of pattern making, as I remember how liberating it was to get the hang of teddy bear design.

2013 shall be a great year – happy new sewing year everyone!

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