Finishing my grey dress and upcycling a pantyhose

My grey dress is finished, and I enjoy being the owner of a dress perfect for winter. I love the pattern, although I ended up having to adjust the sleeve openings at the shoulders quite a bit in order to stop them from gaping in the back.

Instead of cutting out the pieces for the sleeves, I decided to use an old pantyhose, which had shrunk somewhat and was too short to wear. I finished the sleeves with black cotton lace.


At a fair last weekend I came across these adorable crocheted flowers made from Alpaca, and bought them in three different colours. The pink one I attached to a pin, in order to wear it as an embellishment on my dress. The reason I didn’t just fasten it directly on the dress, is the more delicate treatment Alpaca needs (you should use shampoo and conditioner rather than washing powder and fabric softener).


This week I even started sewing some of my Christmas presents as well, but I think I’ll wait until after Christmas to present them, in case some of my friends actually read this 🙂


In case anyone’s interested, my next couple of posts will feature a downloadable teddy bear pattern with an additional “how to” in the blog. I’m making a teddy bear for my friend’s youngest son this week, and thought it would be fun to share the process.



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4 responses to “Finishing my grey dress and upcycling a pantyhose

  1. This fits you nicely, great job.

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