Reversible handbag

As a quick and easy project, I chose to make myself a new handbag this weekend. I’ve become bored with the one I’ve been carrying the last months, and I needed something to go with my new skirt.

That I love bright colours shouldn’t come as a surprise, considering the colouration on my wedding dress and the coat to go with it. Actually, these were the very fabrics I chose for my new reversible purse.

I decided to learn how to make a welt pocket in order to include welt pockets on both sides of the reversible purse, and came across this wonderful tutorial – it was so much easier to follow than any explanations and tutorials I’ve seen on this technique before.

I think the handbag is a nice change from my multi coloured/African print handbag I’ve been carrying around. The handles however, are a bit long, and I’m going to shorten them a bit.

Who knows – maybe this pattern could be transformed into Christmas gifts this year as well?


Speaking of Christmas – this weekend was the time of the annual Christmas fair at my old school (the Waldorf/Steiner school of course) – it was so nice to be in the vicinity of so many handmade items. As a bonus I visited a crafts fair in the neighbourhood as well – great inspiration!

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