Half circle skirt with heart-shaped pockets

After (literally) dusting off my sewing machine, having completed my velvet dress, I wanted to make something I was sure would be a great fit.

I still had some leftover red wool after finishing my cape, and decided to turn the remaining fabric into a half circle skirt. I used the same quarter circle waistband as I made for my hanky skirt, and lined the skirt with acetate.

It was so great working with a non-dusty fabric and to know exactly what to expect and how this project would look from the start.

I decided to add heart-shaped pockets (aren’t they cute?) on the front of the skirt as a subtle embellishment, and otherwise just let it keep its clean look.

Now I’m happy to have something new and pretty in my wardrobe again – I’d almost forgot the thrill of transforming fabric into something I would be happy to wear outside. The fabric is on the thicker/heavier side, which gives this skirt some stiffness and width. I think I’m in love with my new skirt (and of course it’s mutual – the heart-shaped pockets can’t possibly be lying) 🙂

Now I just have to assign purposes for my other fabrics as well, and keep working towards a better  wardrobe.



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2 responses to “Half circle skirt with heart-shaped pockets

  1. sue christian-rodriguez

    good job! keep sewing

    Matilda’s girl

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