Fall cape

When one of my favourite fabric shops in Oslo, Sultan Tekstil, closed a couple of years ago, I stocked up on some of their wonderful wool and silk fabrics. This was the shop I went to when I wanted wool fabric, even though you can find decent wool elsewhere in the same neighbourhood.

I decided to make a cape t wear this fall from the burgundy wool I got. The pattern is #112, BurdaStyle 08/2011. The pattern is for an unlined cape, but I prefer to add lining, especially on outerwear. On a water damage sale I found a bronze coloured polyester satin lining that would work well with my red fabric, and I set to work.

I haven’t sewn a lot of outerwear, but I’ve worked a lot with wool fabrics and their likes (mohair, alpaca) when sewing teddy bears, and I find woven wool to be a rewarding fabric to work with – it doesn’t slide away from the needle or fray as some other fabrics tend to do, and it’s easy to iron or steam it.

The buttons I made by covering ready-to-cover buttons with black silk velvet.

To get a lined cape, I just added the main pieces in lining fabric before sewing the cape as described in the pattern. I did some hand sewing on this project – the slit, the hem and the flaps (not sure if this is the correct expression – the fabric pieces turned inside at the neck and along the front) were all hand sewn using mattress stitches, which was more rewarding and quicker to do than I seemed to remember. I’d forgotten how much easier it is to get the result I want for such things as a blind hem when done by hand compared to do it using a sewing machine and blind hem stitches.

After making this cape, I look forward to start sewing the coat I want to make from the other wool fabric ( a much thicker one). I just have to make a muslin from the pattern I’ve chosen to see whether any alterations have to be made. Hopefully I’ll have made myself a coat before Christmas 🙂

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