Wedding dress part 4

The last couple of weeks have consisted of fabric hunting and finding closures and threads to match the fabrics. That, and doing the final touch on the patterns I’m using.

This week I finally started cutting out the parts for the dress (red-shot orange dupioni silk), the dress lining (red silk organza), the dress petticoat (red silk organza) and the dress foundation/corselet (cream-yellow dupioni silk).

After sewing the different parts, they are soon ready to be combined into the final dress.


Below is a picture series of the various dress layers, one on top of the other.

The dress foundation: Interfaced dupioni silk with an outer dupioni silk lining. I’m planning to add boning to this construction before sewing the to layers together (they are currently joined at the neckline). With a heavy duty hook-and-eye closure in the back, I still think I’ll add a waist band as an extra precaution. I’m also going to try adding bra cups to this and eliminate the need to find underwear to go with the dress.


The petticoat: So far it consists of a 2/3 circle skirt in silk organza. I will add one or more ruffles to this, to get a wider skirt. The petticoat will be joined to the dress foundation between the two dupioni silk layers on this.


The dress: I decided to make a silk organza lining, thus adding a bit more fluff to the dress, and securing the seams on the outer dress layer. Even without the ruffles I will add to the petticoat, the skirt on the dress is getting big. I still have to press the seams on these layers, before joining all layers and adding an invisible zipper in the back of the dress.



I’m really looking forward to see the finished dress myself, and trying it on. And I get why some find dressmaking addictive and start doing it for a living: All the stunning fabrics and all the details I’ve allowed myself to incorporate in this project and seeing it come together is just wonderful! I’m definitely signing up for a dressmaking course sometime in the future (and meanwhile there are some great classes to check out on Craftsy).


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