Wedding dress part 3

So, I’ve finally found my dress – or rather, I’ve changed Mary Adams’ basic bodice pattern almost to where I don’t recognise it any more.

I tried to add shoulder straps to the pattern with various success. The first draft turned out as an off the shoulder thing, which isn’t really my thing. The second attemt went better, but in the end I liked the top without straps better, as it gave me the possibility to adjust the straps for a better fit. I made some changes to the pattern and made one more top like this. Based on the changes needed, I then divided my 2/3 circle skirt pattern and put the top and skirt pattern pieces together in a princess seam dress pattern. This whole process, with various experiments and alteration of patterns has been amazing – I love that I finally begin to understand some of the principles of patterns and how to alter them!

From left to right: First and second attempt of including shoulder straps in the pattern, and the altered top without straps included in the pattern.

Yesterday I made a muslin of the dress pattern in Ikea cotton. And I really love the outcome! I can’t wait to make the real dupioni silk dress, and get the feeling of what it’s like to work with boning and horsehair braid.

Front, side and back view of my muslin. The dress is worn without a petticoat (I’m considering one for the real deal) and I need different underwear to go with the dress. But I’m finally where I want to be – with a pattern for a dress that makes me feel great!


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