Wishes for 2012

Compared to 2011 I wish to have more time to sew, instead of always thinking of it and never getting anything done because of work or similar.

The plan for 2012’s projects so far is as follows:

  • Denim pants – which I’ve started with, hope they’ll turn out fine
  • A winter cape – the fabric was bought on sale a couple of years ago
  • A party dress – or at least a draft for one, sewn in inexpensive synthetic fabrics. If it turns out the way I want, I’ll try making one in silk later.
  • Linen pants
  • Cotton shorts
  • A teddy bear for an unborn baby
  • If I find the right fabric, I want to start making tops in cotton jersey
  • A new handbag with room for a camera and a Kindle in addition to everything else
  • Experimental sewing with more bags and cases, as it was so much fun this Christmas

I’d really like to integrate more vintage styles in my projects, but I’m not quite sure which and how. I think some pieces from the last 100-150 years of fashion are simply stunning.

Hopefully I’ll get some of this in fabric before summer. Wishing everyone out there a happy new sewing year!


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