Introducing my projects

To introduce myself I decided to sum up last year’s projects:

I started the year making a pair of denim trousers for myself, followed by a summer dress to celebrate Constitution Day. Then I made a pair of pants and a shorts for my boyfriend in summer. After finding a beautiful China purse on a market in Sweden, that sadly wasn’t made to last, I decided to try to copy it.  In the fall I made a  Tudor Flower Purse ( for one of my best friends, and just before Christmas I finally finished a couple of teddy bears (a tradition I started some years ago was to make a teddy bear for every newborn child in the family, and I’ve included the children of friends as they started having them). As I got a Kindle 3G for Christmas, I decided to have a go at  Kindle covers, which I made two of.

Hopefully I’ll do more this year, starting with a new pair of pants as I’m in dire need of new clothes (after discovering clothe making I rarely by clothes any more – instead I  invest the money in new fabrics). After that, I’ve got a dress project based on a pattern in The Party Dress Book by Mary Adams. This book has been an invaluable source of inspiration since buying it last summer – even if I haven’t yet actually made a dress, I’ve included a couple of the techniques described in the book in other projects. After this I think it will be time for some more summer clothes, and another teddy bear in time for July.

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